About Us


Boulevard Nursery School’s mission is to develop young minds in a way that fosters critical thinking, creative expression, a sense of understanding, a compassion for others, and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child. We strive to provide a high- quality, strong academic foundation that will ensure that our children develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

How It Started

Boulevard Nursery School was founded in 1953, and has been operating and serving the densely populated, underserved, low income urban area of East New York, Brooklyn for 64 years.  Boulevard Nursery School is registered with the State Education Department and began as a private school.  In the early 1970’s, Boulevard became publicly funded through The Agency for Child Development (ACS).  Due to NYC budget cuts in 2012, Boulevard Nursery School was forced to operate as a private school. We are now publicly funded through The Agency for Child Development (ACS) since 2015 as Early Learn.

Boulevard Nursery School has been recognized over the years for outstanding performance in the childcare sector and with regard to community service. We were recognized by the United States Census Bureau in 2010 for Community Service, and in 2008 by the Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.  Our ability to remain viable in today’s economy despite the NYC budget cuts in 2012 that left us without any city funding is a reflection of our great working relationship with our families, and our reputation in the community compounded with our tenacity, resilience and hard work.

The fact that fifteen to twenty percent of our past students have attended college is in direct correlation to our all-encompassing approach and due diligence over the years. Thirty percent of our past students’ test and accepted into gifted and talented programs year after year, and ninety-nine percent of our students are academically prepared to enter kindergarten before they leave our care.

We have the capacity to service 70 children and their families.  In response to the growing needs of the citizens of East New York, Brooklyn, Boulevard Nursery School offers a multitude of programs to the community like free GED preparation, after school program, employment and training, nutritional and financial workshops, and services to families with children with special needs and developmental disabilities. We work hard to ensure family and community involvement to better the neighborhood and support the continuous growth of our students.